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Mixed conditional

Tuesday, 27th of March 2017
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Mixed conditional is a combination of 2nd and 3rd (present or past) conditional.

Past Condition of Present Result

The pattern made up of an if-clause with 3rd condination and a main clause with 2nd conditional is used for something that happened in the past but has a consequence in our present:
If Bell hadn't invented the telephone, I wouldn't own a mobilphone today.
I wouldn't be able to keep in touch with a lot of old friends, if Zuckemberg hadn't invented Facebook.

Present Condition of Past Result

The pattern made up of an if-clause with 2nd condinational and a main clause with 3rd condinational is used for a permanent state or characteristic which affected something that happened in the past:
If I weren't afraid of heights, I would have gone bungee jumping last year.
In other words:
I'm afraid of heights. Consequently, I didn't go bungee jumping.
Other examples:
My sister would have had some study experience abroad, if she were braver.
If I were good at maths, I would have chosen.

Synonyms of if 

In conclusion, we will show you some alternatives for if:
  • unless 
  • whether is used according whit the type 0 conditional
  • tough (that means even if)
  • provided that (or: on condition that, as far as)

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