domenica 17 novembre 2013

Dedicated to L.G. (English traslation)

Traslated by Giuseppe Samo

The Soul selects her own Society —
Then — shuts the Door —
To her divine Majority —
Present no more —
Emily Dickenson,

I overlooked what I felt, though it was odd
If only had I been an ice-cream, days ago
I'd have remained in the sun and, slowly
melted, have dried off up to the sky.

There changed summer times
and our thirty days, which run out
making love among vineyards and olive groves.
Then, it was time you left

You really sadly said, "I'll miss you!",
and in tears, you looked for my fingers
"So do I", I truly reacted since with you
Life flourishingly bloomed

We were in the same room, yesterday
Tomorrow, I'll be a piece of an holiday.

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