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Passive forms for reporting verbs

Lingua e traduzione inglese I
Tuesday, 14th March 2017

Reporting verbs can be expressed in compliance with two different patterns:
  1. it + passive + that clause, e.g.: It's thought (that) restaurants change too much in the town centre
  2. subject + passive + infinitive with to, e.g.: Restaurants are thought to change too much in the town centre.
The following video illustrates clearly the structure and the use of the above-mentioned patterns:


Keeping in mind the patterns I described will help you write a good report texts during B2 examination. But what is a report?
It is a kind of text which presents information about a certain subject.  It usually contains facts about the subject, a description and information on its parts, behaviour and qualities. It is made of:
  • a general opening statement to introduce the subject –a short description or a definition
  • a series of paragraphs, each of which includes one feature of the subject.  Each paragraph begins with a topic sentence 
  • conclusion to summarise the information.
The language must be technical language.
Pay attention: you must avoid evaluative terms and use generalised terms: eg wood, NOT beautiful wood.
The following is an example of a report.

The principal purpose of this report is to provide a description of where local people and/or visitors can eat out in Arezzo. During my report, I will focus only on the most remarkable aspects.
The current Situation 
I conducted interviews with an representative statistical sample. The most relevant results are the following:
  • Most of the local people (59%), especially the young, claimed to be particularly fond of all-you-can-eat Sushi-Bars, because they usually offer a good quality-price ratio and an effective service;
  • The majority of the visitors (53%) choose traditional Tuscan restaurants located in the centre, although in most cases they are rather expensive.
Recent trends/Dissatisfaction 
Against this background: the number of Sushi-Bars is rising: it went from 7 (2014) to 11 (2016); the restaurants in the centre are getting more expensive and touristy. 
Taking all the factors mentioned into account, I would recommend: local people should vary further their diet; visitors should look for place where to eat away from the most touristic sites.
NB: Only use the bullet  in one paragraph!

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