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Phrasal Verbs (and Expressions) with GET

Tuesday, 21st March 2017
Lingua e traduzione inglese I

Phrasal Verbs and Locutions with get


  • to get back into [sth] = to go back to where you stopped and start again
  • to get by [sth] = to manage to do [sth]
  • to get down to [sth] = to start doing [sth] seriously
  • to get off = to leave (work, school, a meeting etc.)
  • to get off on the wrong leg = to start a relationship badly
  • to get off to a good/bad start = to start well/badly
  • to get on well/badly = to make progress (or not)
  • to get over [sth] = to recover from [sth] (bad news, an illness, a break-up etc.)
  • to get round [sb] = to persuade [sb] to do what you want
  • to get together = to meet
  • to get up to [sth] = to do [sth] mischievous: “combinare (una marachella)”

Unlikely Constructions

The adjective unlikely has two different constructions:
  • It is unlikely + that-clause
It is unlikely that it will rain.
  • Subject + to be + unlikely to
It is unlikely to rain tomorrow.


Fandoms and Addictions

Risultati immagini per Comic Book Guy
  • bloke n. (UK, slang) = guy, man n.
  • peace and quiet (loc.) = solitude n.
  • to be fanatic about/fan of [sth/sb]
  • to be hooked on [sth] =to be addicted to [sth]
  • to thread [sth] = to fear the idea of doing [sth]
  • to put up with [sth/sb]: "sopportare"  to put [sb] up =to let [sb] stay as a guest in your home
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bloke n. (UK slang) = guy, man

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